Tuesday - Thursday 4PM - 9PM
Friday - Saturday 4PM - 10PM

About Us

The Cardinal is a locally owned neighborhood eatery focused on providing great hospitality, service and an array of seasonal selections. Our welcoming atmosphere, locally sourced seafood and signature plates will make you feel like you are at home with friends and family but just sitting in the best local neighborhood eatery in Wilmington.

All About The Cardinal

The Cardinal is your go-to neighborhood eatery, where passion for food, family values, and a love for great dining experiences converge. Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Masonboro community, we take pride in being more than just a local restaurant; we are a haven for those who value, hospitality, loyalty and the warmth of family bonds.

Step into our contemporary dining space or enjoy occasional Live music on our patio. Enjoy our decor which is carefully crafted to evoke a sense of familiarity and comfort. Sip on our curated cocktails from our full-service bar, or choose from our rotating wine selection.

Our choice of the North American Cardinal as our symbol represents the very essence of what we stand for. Passion, family, hospitality, loyalty, and love are not just words to us—they are the pillars that form the foundation of our restaurant. We invite you to join us for a great dining experience that embodies our devotion to these values. Come, dine with us, enjoy the great hospitality and become a part of our Cardinal family.

Our Staff

At The Cardinal, our extraordinary team is the heartbeat of our eatery. They embody a spirit of dedication and passion for great hospitality. Meet our chefs, whose culinary expertise transforms fresh ingredients into mouthwatering masterpieces, delighting your taste buds with each bite. Our attentive waitstaff takes pride in creating a welcoming atmosphere and delivering great hospitality. They enjoy ensuring your dining experience is nothing short of great. With genuine smiles and a commitment to excellence, the Cardinal team is here to make your visit not just a meal, but a memorable celebration of flavors and hospitality.

Book a Reservation

Please excuse the inconvenience. We are currently transitioning to a different online reservation solution. To reserve a table please call the restaurant .

(910) 399-3969

If no one answers please leave a message. A manager will text or call to confirm your reservation. We thank you for your understanding as we transition our technology.